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used textbooks onlineNeed the right textbook, and fast? You’re in the perfect place with Used Book Search.

Textbooks are a necessary part of life for students and avid readers alike. There’s just one problem… the price. A quick browse online reveals you need a big wallet in order to get a big brain, even for second hand volumes. But does it have to be that way?

Certainly you’ll be given a set list to stick to. However, a strong search engine is a major ally in this tricky process. For starters, if you have a 10 digit ISBN number then that can really help to quickly find out which stores have your textbook. Used Book Search can show you what you’re after instantly.

And, as well as getting a great overview on who’s selling the book, you’ll also get those essential price comparisons.

If an ISBN number isn’t available, you can still dive in using the author and title. A Keyword field also assists you in narrowing things down. Whatever way you do it, the advantages of going with Used Book Search are obvious from the get-go. Our comprehensive rundown, only a couple of clicks away, provides purchasing options you might not have seen before.

Sure, there is the goliath that is Amazon included, but you’ll also get the price from other large marketplaces such as Abebooks and Alibris, that have an infinite number of individual bookshops selling on their platforms.

You may be surprised at how many times these marketplaces have a better offer on your textbook than Amazon does.

Finding books about the learning process is a learning process in itself!

It may make sense to buy the latest edition of a textbook, or at least a pre-owned version. Yet that isn’t always the case. The cover might be revamped, and the price tag bumped up, but sometimes, new textbooks only contain minor differences. There’s no harm in grabbing an older edition online.      

Also, think about how long you’ll need the book for. If it’s a text you’re intending to keep for years then good quality is key. Should it be a quick reference on the other hand, then why not opt for a well-thumbed volume, which can be passed on to another inquiring mind?

Or if you’re a poor student, you could always sell your textbook on, using one of the marketplaces included in the search…